Privacy Policy

Last Modified: February 11th,2017

This Privacy Policy details how we gather and utilize your personal details. We respect our user's privacy and don't intend to use it for any purposes. Protecting your personal information and your privacy is really important to us.

1) PrintEasy has integrated some third party services (such as Crashlytics and Facebook Analytics for Apps) to collect usage information to help us improve the app.

2) In order to provide you with services PrintEasy requires access to :

- Your contacts : To fetch all your contacts and display it to you so that you could print their details. We do not save any information of your contacts with ourselves.

- Your device storage : To fetch all your images and pdfs so that you could easily print your documents. We do not save any information of your files with ourselves. Also to save custom notes and business card for your easy access.

- Network : To find a wifi printer for printing.